Adobe promotes paperless offices with new document format

October 17th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

While more businesses consider the advantages of implementing document management and going paperless, Adobe has taken another step to promote this practice by improving its digital document format offerings. According to PCWorld, Adobe Acrobat XI Pro has been updated to include more customization and export tools, and to help businesses utilize these tools.

For businesses, this update is useful as it promotes further reduction of the use of paper and improves the availability of customized .PDF documents. However, investing in Adobe Acrobat XI Pro won't be enough to get rid of paperwork. Many businesses, especially those with extensive records archives, may need to invest in a little help to really make the move to a paperless office and gain the true benefits of document management.

For companies that need an extra push, document conversion services may be the key. With a conversion service, a business can enlist an expert help to migrate its records to a digital format and really eliminate the filing cabinets, folders and printers that are taking up valuable office space. With this strategy, it is only a matter of time before the company has truly become a digital office, and the benefits begin to show.

Ultimately, a business that wants to go paperless needs the right focus and mindset to make this possible. Reduction of interoffice mail like memos will be an important first step, but this also means convincing customers, suppliers and partners to cut back on the amount of paper they send or request from the business. While this may take some time, as the business's strategy progresses, these affiliates may begin to see the advantages and embrace similar plans as well, making paperless objectives more successful and helping bring more companies into the mindset that they can do more with less waste.

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