Arizona county looking into electronic records

August 23rd, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

Many governments find it easier to store records electronically using a document management solution. This can not only allow for quick access to all types of records, but can provide an element of safety and security, particularly when guarding against thefts and potential natural disasters.

Pinal County officials in Arizona are looking to make the move toward digitizing their records after an instance of tampering. According to The Republic, an inquiry by the Pima County Attorney's Office found that multiple Pinal County Sheriff's Office employees tampered with and deleted numerous public records and viewing requests.

As such, the newspaper reported, lawmakers are looking into options concerning electronic documents and a database system that can only be accessed upon request.

This type of move has seen success in the past. For example, according to Computerworld, President Obama called for the digitalization of federal records within government agencies in November, 2011.

"Today's action will move the process into the digital age so the American public can have access to clear and accurate information about the decisions and actions of the federal government," Obama said in a statement, adding that paper filing is rapidly becoming outdated, the source reported.

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