As cloud adoption reaches new heights, tech-challenged companies fall behind

September 18th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

In a recent piece for InformationWeek, Kevin L. Jackson took a look at 10 ways government clouds have changed in 2013 and listed a variety of observations, from an uptick in innovation and entrepreneurship to rapid data center consolidation.

In particular, Jackson noted that his December 2012 prediction – "Cloud adoption will move from an option to a 'must have,'" replacing the traditional enterprise IT business model – is quickly coming to pass, as signified by Amazon squaring off against IBM for a $600 million federal cloud project. With the cloud becoming more of a necessity than a luxury, companies that have not yet leveraged a document conversion service to digitize their files may find themselves falling behind the curve.

The cloud takes document management to a whole new level by offering an alternative to storing data on company servers or, even more primitively, in filing cabinets. But for companies that don't engage in document imaging in order to convert their important records into an electronic format, the advantages of the cloud are out of their reach.

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