Better solutions needed to push paperless efforts

December 12th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

While many businesses are looking at paperless strategies to bolster productivity and reduce costs, a recent study found that many initiatives are slowing down. A survey by Nitro found that overall, the paperless "movement" has reached a stalemate, with many offices struggling to push forward with these initiatives despite excitement and support from employees and IT teams.

In Nitro's State of the Paperless Office report, the company found that 99 percent of businesses still rely on "pen and paper" solutions for many tasks, while 42 percent of companies are still using fax machines regularly. However, many respondents felt that improving tools and enhanced document conversion services are helping to drive the growth of the paperless movement.

"Through this survey, we're seeing that while a majority of office workers are sharing documents electronically, almost half are still relying on physical paper to get work done," said Sam Chandler, CEO of Nitro.

For businesses looking to really push paperless efforts, the technology that is most needed is document management. With the right management solution to help employees use, share and collaborate on electronic information both inside and out of the office, businesses will be able to really stop using printed materials.

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