Business experts commend paperless solutions

January 15th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Business Process Automation | Document Management | Workflow

The advantages ofa paperless strategy go beyond saving paper and space in the office. Experts advise that more companies use digital conversion services for better file management and business process automation.

A primary objective of any business is to quicken operational processes for a more efficient environment. Business 2 Community contributor Melisa Cammack explained that accessing important information with traditional document storage methods can take a significant amount of time searching through file cabinets. With a digital management system, files can be retrieved by anyone in the company, from any remote location, with the click of a button. This improved searchability also makes government-regulated processes much simpler. For example, businesses that utilize a digital system can search databases more easily for IRS-requested documents, making audits much simpler. Faster access to documents also improves client relations since requests for particular records can be satisfied immediately.

While accessibility is a main reason Cammack advises conversion, data security is another important consideration. Confidential or sensitive documents that are physically stored in cabinets, drawers and mailboxes are vulnerable to theft. With electronic management, strict username and password authentication settings can be attached to these files so that only authorized viewers are able to access them. Theft is not the only threat surrounding document loss: Natural disasters can also have a detrimental effect on business. If critical documents are backed up through an electronic database, the risk for business failure or lost revenue from disaster recovery measures is significantly reduced.

Enhanced meetings
Doug Sleeter, founder and president of The Sleeter Group, also hailed some of the more advanced features of a paperless solution in his AccountingWEB Live! presentation. Sleeter was adamant that going paperless can help businesses run more efficiently, which improves customer service and makes the company more profitable. He recommended that firms consider using a live smart-pen to digitally record notes and audio during client meetings and upload them to review later for document revisions. A major benefit to virtualization is that during virtual meetings with co-worker and clients, employees can view digital documents at the same time for better collaboration. Additional features allow associates to update and amend documents in real time during meetings and discussions.

Communication is at the core of business success, and an electronic document management system can have a considerable impact on decision-making. Simplifying access to corporate information allows for seamless operations so that employee performance is heightened along withthe quality of client service.

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