California counties leverage EDM for efficiency

March 26th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Business Process Automation | Document Management | Information Management

More city councils across the state of California are deploying electronic document management (EDM) technologies for more efficient document storage and approval processing. These systems provide easier retrieval and sharing of files, empowering government bodies to better service the public.

The Auburn Journal reported that the Auburn City Council is currently considering an electronic document and agenda management system for the City Clerk's office. After being elected last fall, City Clerk Stephanie Snyder made technological innovation a top priority for the department. Her recent report emphasized how EDM could greatly benefit business process automation.

"We are exploring the benefits of a document and agenda management system, or an electronic way to streamline the agenda process through automation that enables electronic item creation, routing for approvals and eventually compilation into a dynamic agenda, online and paperless," Snyder wrote, according to the news source. "This type of automation reduces staff processing time and materials, as well as paper and printing costs."

E-filing relieves admin burdens
Northridge-Chatsworth Patch revealed that the city of Los Angeles has also devised paperless initiatives. The source revealed that the City Council recently approved a motion for the L.A. Police Department to use an EDM for online police report filing. Council member Mitch Englander introduced the motion last month to allow the public to file reports online, which according to Patch, is one of the most burdensome administrative tasks for the police department. The online filing system is expected to greatly facilitate these processes. 

"Los Angeles must continue to be on the cutting edge of new technologies," Englander told Patch. "I am very pleased that the City Council approved this motion which will not only increase efficiency, but will make our streets safer. This motion will allow our police officers to spend less time filling out paperwork and more time protecting our citizens."

Patch reported that the campus police at California State University Northridge already has an online document management program, which makes reports immediately available after being submitted. Additionally, digital copies can be printed at no charge and shared with an insurance company. The implementation of electronic filing is part of the police department's larger objective to provide better public service while minimizing time spent on administrative tasks through automation.

EDM technologies can empower citizens with enhanced accessibility to information while also allowing city departments to be more productive.

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