Canadian museum invests in digital archive

January 11th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

Many individuals care about their personal history, as well as the former occurrences in their area and hope to preserve the documents created during the early days. With the help of conversion services and other archiving tools, preserving primary historical documents is becoming much easier.

According to CBC News, this tactic is being taken at British Columbia's Lumby Museum, where employees recently secured a $10,000 grant to preserve old records. The news source said that photos and interview transcripts chronicling the experience of many Canadian pioneers in the farming, logging and mill industries will be the primary focus of the project.

Museum society representative Robin LeDrew told the source that this comes at a good time, as many of the images were deteriorating. With the technology, they will be preserved online.

These types of electronic document management systems would also be good for offices. Administrators can ensure that older legal documents, records, employee papers and other files are safe from harm by digitizing them in an online database from which they can be recalled at any time.

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