CBRE opens paperless office

August 25th, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Business Process Automation | Document Management | Workflow

Commercial real estate company, CBRE, has pushed the concept of the paperless office forward another step. 

CBRE recently opened one of its 12 planned "Workplace 360" offices that are completely paperless and without workstations, according to the Press Enterprise. The company redesigned the office to give employees an experience that CBRE's managing director of the Inland Empire, Joe Cesta, called "liberating." 

The new office is filled with couches and other sitting areas, but no predefined work stations, the publication noted. There is plenty of light, and height-adjustable desks with dual-monitors and "follow me" phones. 

Additionally, the new office came with laptops and other devices that ensure employees handle files on content management systems – making sure that paper becomes a thing of the past. 

Paperless offices are beneficial for a number of reasons. Reams of paper often fill up way to much space, and that is one issue that CBRE has done away with. Switching over to a paperless office will free up plenty of storage space for more important things, according to the Houston Chronicle. 

Additionally, the publication noted, the chances of losing documents that you need are mitigated when they are all stored digitally, instead of physically where they can get lost or damaged.

Employees will likely love the fact that switching to a document storage solution will allow them to work remotely – something that can enhance both efficiency and morale according to the newspaper. 

"We threw out 17 full-sized commercial dumpsters of paper to be recycled. We scanned 1.5 million images of documents we felt would be needed at a later date," Cesta told the Press Enterprise. "Then, we upgraded it, so the images could be accessible through loud-based servers from the phone, laptop or [tablet]."

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