Communication Intelligence Corporation expands e-signature technology availability

May 29th, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Business Process Automation | Document Management

Communication Intelligence Corporation announced that the electronic signature technology developed by CIC along with Cegedim for the European Union's Single Payment Euro Area is now available for full commercial production. This will make the technology available for all looking to benefit from the document capture solutions offered by CIC's e-signature technology. 

According to industry sources, the technology was originally developed for SEPA – the EU's payment integration initiative – in an attempt to streamline money transfer systems between member states. This would assist enterprises with switching their systems for SEPA compliance. The MAEA software suite for which CIC developed the specific technology makes for smooth business process automation and was adopted by the EU in an effort to cut costs and move closer to dematerialization. The technology was initially offered as an "end-to-end digital transaction management solution," to be used in SEPA-compliant transactions. 

Now the MAEA suite has been expanded to a digital transaction management software designed to handle electronic commerce workflows from start to end. Specifically, CIC's portion of the software will take care of e-signatures meant to approve electronic orders, invoices and payments. 

Many businesses and branches of government have been looking into dematerialization as the EU has. Even on smaller scales document capture solutions and content management services have opened up funds and time for more significant business operations than shuffling through papers. According to the large-scale benefits of paperless functionality are more effective use of data, increased operational efficiency and cutting costs. In addition, it reports that Brazil and Turkey have also begun converting to electronic invoicing at various levels of government states that with the increasing integration of e-commerce into global trade, the international market will become more efficient, and law enforcement and other public services will improve while simultaneously growing cheaper. 

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