Companies use digital automation for gains in data accessibility and productivity

April 30th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Business Process Automation | Document Management | Workflow

As enterprises look to drive efficiency, new digital technologies have transformed the way information can be handled. Deploying the latest electronic document management software is a fundamental method for providing employees with easier access to files, fueling productivity while protecting data from a variety of threats. 

Lawn & Landscape reported that the Dallas-based Prestonwood Landscape Services was able to resolve a vast array of inefficient processes by switching to a digital document management system. According to the news source, the company was experiencing significant challenges to its required system checks as there was too high a risk for paper reports to get lost, wet or damaged with mud. Additionally, handwritten notes were often illegible. In order to address these issues, Jesse Congleton, irrigation manager for Prestonwood, told Lawn & Landscape that the company decided to implement an electronic program for paperless system checks. Now, crews can assess properties with iPads on-site.

"The techs in the field are doing their reports through the program and I log on each morning and export all of that into an Excel file," Congleton explained to the source. "It's sped up the process for everyone. For instance, it used to take our office manager all day to type up everything from the paper reports and create invoices. Now it takes minutes."

While it used to take Congleton up to five hours to prepare a bid based on the property, he can now generate one in less than 30 seconds. Lawn & Landscape revealed that Prestonwood has plans to incorporate the electronic system into the landscape division's daily workflow, as well as to digitally manage client information and export billing claims.

Enhancing workflow and productivity
Another enterprise that has reaped the rewards of these solutions is the insurance company Republic Indemnity. In an interview with Insurance & Technology, CIO Rao Tadepalli explained that because claims files are no longer stored in physical file cabinets, these documents are easily accessible to authorized users, and employees can use them to perform various business processes simultaneously. These capabilities, he explained have allowed his company to drastically reduce costs while improving the accuracy and speed of decision-making. Tadepalli also noted that the electronic system has improved relationships with customers and distributors because payroll, taxes and other information can be prepared and sent out automatically. Further, Republic Indemnity has seen considerable gains in efficiency by integrating the electronic document management solution seamlessly with the claims workflow.

Implementing the latest digital solutions for handling records can allow firms to maximize time, resources and funds for accelerated, more effective decisions.

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