‘Completely paperless’ doesn’t have to be your goal to benefit from document conversion services

February 21st, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

For businesses looking to reduce their operating costs and enhance productivity, but not wanting to go "completely paperless," document conversion service still hold significant value. The global trend away from paper toward digital formats has many advantages, and while some firms may not feel comfortable completely eliminating physical documents from their day to day processes, implementing conversion service to start reducing paperwork and streamlining digitalization of operations can serve to relieve some pressure and assist in future deployments of new technologies related to data, such as analytics.

According to ITWeb, the efforts to go partially paperless are driven by an eco-friendly desire to reduce a company's carbon footprint and "go green," just as much as the desire to reduce spending on paper products. And, while a company may not feel it is ready to go all the way, any reduction in waste related to paperwork, printing and the like has a positive impact on these initiatives. Even selecting a better printer technology that reduces waste, is more energy efficient or can print double-sided will do a long way toward improving these efforts.

"Choosing the right printer requires an understanding of business needs and requirements," noted Heinrich Pretorius, an OKI product specialist for DCC. "The first and foremost consideration is the volume of printing. If high print volumes are required, it is essential to purchase a printer that can cope with this need. A good way of gauging this is to look at the duty cycle of the printer, which gives an indication of the volumes the printer can handle on a monthly basis. Workhorse printers can often handle up to 200,000 pages per month, which will ensure the printer does not fail due to overuse."

The key to optimizing such efforts is deploying the right document management software to support partial or full paperless workflows. Taking the time to select an effective solution for the management and security of information will save firms time and money. This will allow a company to take printer use into consideration still while providing the scalability necessary to further paperless efforts when the firm is ready to. Additionally, this will prepare firms for the necessary conversion services needed to maintain their partial, or full, elimination of paperwork.

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