County integrates electronic signatures with paperless strategy

December 13th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

The Franklin County Commissioners office, Pennsylvania, recently implemented an electronic signature solution along with its document management strategy to increase paperless efforts. According to the Public Opinion, the county is hoping the initiative will reduce paper usage and enhance office efficiency.

"It will expedite contracts and agreements to a certain extent," Commissioner Bob Ziobrowski told the news source.

Paperless initiatives can reduce operational costs and improve productivity for any office or organization, but they require the right tools, such as document conversion services, to be successful. Businesses deal with a great deal of information on a regular basis, much of which is generated by paper. Document management helps a company reduce the amount of paper generated, while conversion services help eliminate record archives, which in turn cuts back on filing cabinets and related storage costs.

"This allows us to reduce the number of paper documents coming into the county," Commissioner David Keller said. "I'm excited with the direction we're heading."

Though paperless efforts require an initial investment, the result can save a business significantly on its yearly budget, cutting out not only paper, but printers, ink, folders and other related supply costs.

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