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July 3rd, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management | Information Management

Enterprises are continually looking to leverage new technologies to improve efficiency, reduce costs and fuel innovation. And it has become increasingly clear that relying on paper to store important records can hinder all of these efforts. Not only are paper records at risk of damage, loss or theft, but they can be time-consuming to organize and find. Employees may be unable to retrieve the information they need if it's not properly filed, which can impact productivity. Further, printing documents on paper can result in high expenditures and excessive waste. However, advancements in electronic document management software can enable any company to eliminate these problems. These solutions can drive down spending on printing, while also making critical data conveniently available to staff from wherever they are, at any time, and on any computing device.

The Canberra Times reported that one of the major ways an enterprise can dramatically lower costs this year is by going paperless. With new document imaging and management software, the transition is even easier than before. According to the source, the owner of national online retailer Cheap Sheds, Krisztian Panczel, is adamant that she would never go back after converting to a paperless system in 2008. As all documents are stored, shared and edited in the cloud, employees are no longer required to print documents or manually send them to one another. She explained that the transition has saved her company thousands of dollars, but there are other significant benefits.

"Being a paperless company also improves your standing with customers concerned about the environment," Panczel explained to the news provider. "It's a way to connect with them and show that we're also working towards a brighter future. It represents our commitment and caring nature and makes them trust us. This relationship is extremely important in the online world."

Boosting customer service
Another company that has leveraged the advantages of adopting paperless initiatives is Geeks on Site. The firm, which provides extensive computer support across a range of platforms, recently announced advanced billing methods that will help the business join the green movement. As part of its objective to be more eco-friendly, Geeks on Site no longer accepts invoices by mail, only emails.

"Being a part of the technology industry, going green is a big deal here at our organization," said Vivian Borja, Director of Marketing at Geeks On Site. "With so many services conducted online nowadays, a paperless system allows easier management of customers' real time needs, and also creates a more efficient process for handling accounts."

By embracing new digital technologies, any company can go paperless and realize rewards that promote a considerable competitive edge.

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