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September 14th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

Any business today that ignores its data is sure to fail. This is the message implied by ITWeb, which reported that data should be treated like any other business asset.

"Data management is all the things you need to do to your data asset that you are already doing to all of your other assets," Werner Swanepoel, an industry expert, told the news source. "In modern organizations, data is something that needs to be managed in order to leverage opportunity."

In order to properly organize and keep track of data, a business needs a document management system that can meet its operational needs. This means deploying a secure, reliable and efficient solution. For most businesses, this requires going digital.

In order to maximize the benefits of a data management solution, a business should consider eliminating paperwork entirely, putting all of its data assets into one resource, its computers. Going paperless requires planning, preparations and a high-quality conversion service, but the results are worth it. Once a company goes paperless, it can better manage its information and increase productivity as well.

"Managing data is one of the fundamental building blocks to ensure productivity," Swanepoel said.

The benefits of going paperless may be difficult for a business to quantify unless a plan is already put into motion, however. As a result, the company should invest in an information management solution that meets operational needs and is reliable in order to ensure success. Through trust and the elimination of costly paperwork, any organization can reduce the risk of lost files, increase productivity and cut its budgets while enhancing profits at the same time.

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