Digitization projects help preserve history

June 18th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management | Information Management

Museums, historical societies and even county clerks' offices around the nation have been adopting digitization projects to preserve important documents and photographs from being damaged and destroyed. Not only do disasters threaten the survival of physical records, but mere aging could severely impact the quality of the paper as well. By utilizing conversion services to create electronic copies, any document is safe from these threats.

LDNews reported that Bethany Children's Home, an orphanage in Womelsdorf, Pa., is celebrating its 150th anniversary by digitizing historical records and then making those files available on its website. A $25,000 Community Digitization Grant from Mocavo is funding the project, which is expected to be complete by July. The ledger books contain information about the children who resided at the home between 1863 and 1990, including admission books, photographs and other documents. This project will help researchers and other interested parties perform genealogy research. The source noted that while all books are being preserved digitally, only records through 1940 will be displayed on the Internet due to Census regulations for release.

"We are inspired by the work that the volunteers at Bethany Children's Home have done to preserve this information and are excited to help bring this valuable content online for the rest of the world to experience," said Alex Lindsay, Mocavo's marketing coordinator, the news source reported.

Document imaging technologies can ensure that any important records are protected for years to come and further, that any information is made accessible to even wider audiences.

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