Document digitization a critical preventative safety measure

January 7th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture | Document Management

More businesses are implementing paperless initiatives for more than just cost-reduction and environmentally friendly advantages. According to Internet Revolution, the newly initiated Paperless Coalition is dedicated to emphasizing digitizing technology in order to ensure effective document management and preservation.

Investments in the coalition have been immense and have come from businesses of all sizes looking to convert files to a digital format for protection purposes. In cases of natural disasters and human error, the loss of critical business data can have a significant negative effect on a company's survival. Finance & Commerce relayed a recent webinar by Agility Recovery conducted by Mark Norton regarding document recovery and preventative measures in case of disaster.

Norton, senior continuity planner for the company, cited ignorance to reparation costs as a top oversight for businesses that fail to digitize. Norton estimated that recovery expenditures can amount to tens of thousands of dollars. He recommended the remote storage of documents as well as using digital document conversion services to secure crucial information and avoid these costs.

Disasters threaten business' survival, and investments in document imaging reduce the potential for negative impact. By re-creating files in an electronic format, document management is more organized and efficient, ensuring important data is more secure.

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