Document imaging eases the paperless transition

June 13th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture | Document Management | Workflow

Businesses that rely on paper-based document systems have come to realize that the manual labor and costs associated with this approach is both immensely inefficient and expensive. As a result, many enterprises have adopted initiatives to go paperless. And as digital technologies become more advanced, the possibilities are endless for improving the accessibility and quality of information. By leveraging document imaging solutions, firms can convert any critical records and make them available to authorized users with an Internet connection. Moreover, users can edit and share these documents with colleagues more easily, facilitating project completion and decision-making.

EZine Mark reported that with the rapid growth of technology, it has become clear that manual work is too time-consuming and unnecessary. Paper filing systems are generally ineffective for storing crucial information properly and conveniently, as locating the right documents in a timely manner is nearly impossible. The source noted that paper documents are often misplaced or taken out of the office, which can greatly hinder productivity. Therefore, EZine Market pointed out that it could be immensely beneficial to adopt specific software that eliminates these issues. State-of-the-art document imaging tools allow businesses to manage all required data from one accessible and centralized location.

Additionally, EZine Mark explained that along with document imaging, workflow software and integration services can be helpful in leveraging all potential benefits of going paperless. The news provider advised that when working with a third-party vendor for digital conversion, it's important partner with a company has adequate expertise and top-of-the-line products. This ensures the highest possible performance and reliability from the document imaging solution. Low cost offerings may be tempting, but they typically don't offer the advantages or higher ROI that more advanced tools do.

A worthy investment
According to the Palestine Herald-Press, Commissioners of Anderson County, Tex., recently approved the purchase of document imaging software that will enable the county to digitize important documents.

"The software will allow us to scan and image documents, such as direct deposit pay stubs, so that we can email them to employees," County Auditor Karin Smith explained, the source reported. "It will allow us to be paperless in that area and others, and will save the county paper costs."

In addition to the implementation costs, Smith noted that the county has invested in annual maintenance and support, which includes important software upgrades and maintenance.

The conveniences and efficiencies provided by an electronic document management system can save any organization considerable money and time, allowing the firm to focus on more worthwhile areas and tasks.

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