Enterprises deploy digital solutions for more secure document management

April 15th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture | Document Management | Information Management

Document security is critical to any organization, but ensuring that information is protected has become increasingly challenging due to inconsistent and inadequate practices. As a result, more firms are looking to electronic document management technologies for more rigid control over where and how records are stored and additionally, who has access to them and when.

The Express Tribune reported that after 400 "highly classified" files were stolen from the petroleum ministry over the course of six months, The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) is just one agency  that has outsourced document storage to a records management firm. More government agencies are becoming concerned with cases of theft and the tampering of files, which can prove especially problematic during a litigation request. The SECP's media and corporate communications director Imran Ghaznavi stated that the deployment of new technology has offered considerable benefits to the commission.

"The archiving and storage solution has greatly helped the SECP in properly maintaining its record," he stated, according to The Express Tribune. "This was not possible before due to multiple ways of storing files, information within files was not clean and was not classified in various categories."

Archival and compliance
AT manager Waheed Murtaza reported that previously, it took government offices days to manually locate a file, according to the source. The new document management system incorporates an advanced archiving feature, which catalogs individual documents based on barcodes. This minimizes retrieval times, which is critical in delivering particularly urgent data.

Digital data warehousing has become a more efficient solution for a variety of organizations looking to go paperless while also enhancing protection of confidential information. Insider Limited contributor Julian Stafford explained that data security has become an increasing concern to ensure privacy protection and compliance, both of which directly affect a business' reputation. Stafford revealed that new innovations in information technology allow for the immediate creation, distribution and retrieval of information, but protection should be just as rapid. He stressed that enterprise policies need to embrace modern tools to support all efforts in identifying vulnerabilities and building adequate controls for secure storage, including encryption.

As new threats to data security emerge and regulations for information protection tighten, it has become more crucial than ever to leverage the most advanced technologies for document management.  By safeguarding records with an electronic system, firms not only protect the data itself, but also the corporate integrity.

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