Experts agree federal document management is on the right track

September 17th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

Though some agencies may struggle to meet the guidelines of the federal document management directive, the initiative is on the right track. According to TechTarget, some industry experts believe that agencies striving to meet these requirements will be significantly better off in the long run.

Implementing a successful document management strategy will help any organization, whether a federal agency or private business, eliminate paper in its offices, improve the organization of information and increase productivity in general. This will help make records management efficient and result in lower costs and higher revenue for almost any organization.

Brian Hill of Forrester Research told the news source that there are many broken processes in government organizations, and this information management initiative is helping to fix these problems. One current practice Hill pointed out as a problem area is that many agencies' current practice for managing emails is to simply print them out or convert them to PDF files, which is extremely inefficient.

Hill continued, according to the news source, to applaud the federal mandate, citing its requirements that agencies demonstrate compliance at various stages of deployment and enforcing training for employees.

"All of these are important considerations – the directive also specifies these organizations need to pursue how [they] will be able to apply records management policies and technologies to social media and cloud-based applications," Hill said.

Investing in a reliable document management solution will help any organization, public or private, to reduce wasted resources, become more efficient overall and see a turnaround on productivity and environmental impact. Going paperless through management and conversion services can provide a business with the tools it needs to eliminate paper once and for all, and move into the digital age with not only reliability, but grace as well.

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