Experts consider paperless future a real possibility

November 16th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

In various industries, the weight of paperless opportunities is heavily felt. However, many are avoiding the opportunities that could allow them to eliminate paper usage and move into the digital age more fully due to worries that the technology won't fully work, or because of a lack of understanding of its benefits. According to Don Kahle, a contributor with The Register-Guard, the paper industry is bound to take a hit soon.

According to Kahle, paperless efforts are overtaking the newspaper industry, and his predictions transfer well into the business world. As the iPad and other tablets provide consumers with a better way to browse the news and catch up on world events on the go, so, too, do they allow businesses more flexibility, and professionals the freedom of work mobility. Ultimately, these advantages will herald in the new age of BYOD and paperless operations for businesses.

However, in order to prepare for this shift, companies are going to need to start making the move to paperless now with document management solutions.

Digital information management is vital to the success of businesses looking to reduce their paper usage, as it shifts data from the page to the screen in an organized and efficient way. By embracing paperless solutions, businesses can reduce the time it takes employees to work by removing the need to search for files or organize records that paper documents creates. With digital efforts, professionals will be able to search for, share and work on files in a more flexible and efficient way that not only promotes individual productivity, but collaborative efforts as well.

For businesses, the paperless future is a shining beacon of savings and efficiency, not a dismal digital age.

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