Experts say the paperless office is finally here

June 14th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management | Information Management

For years, companies have sought ways to reduce their dependency on paper in order to minimize their environmental footprint, save substantial costs and drive productivity. Still, many firms have been so eager to do so that the proper tools are not implemented, often hindering the very benefits can be provided by these initiatives. Fortunately, advancements in document imaging technologies and electronic document management software are empowering enterprises to realize improved information security, accessibility and quality.

TreeHugger reported that several years ago, Leo Hickman of The Guardian said the promise of the paperless office had primarily been a failure. Further, The New York Times had reported that a paperless office may reduce paper use, but increases the need for energy. But now, companies can finally be both paperless and energy-efficient.

Turning a dream into reality
In fact, The Globe and Mail recently reported that Idea Rebel, a digital marketing agency in Vancouver, is one company that has been adamant about the importance of? these initiatives. According to the source, when Jamie Garratt started the business, he decided he wanted to eliminate the waste that results from a paper-reliant office. Not only does Idea Rebel email all pay stubs to employees, but notes from meetings are taken on tablet devices. The company even turns down work where Requests for Proposals have to be supplied in printed form.

"It's unbelievable how fast things move," Garratt told the source. "When a document is finished, it gets posted and the client can see it within seconds and make revisions just as quickly. It would take weeks if we had to print and show them everything."

Pacific Business News also asserted that with the right technologies and culture for change, paperless is indeed possible. One factor that has simplified the transition, the source noted, is cloud storage, as keeping files in the cloud means there is no longer a need for physical copies. Hawaii-based technology expert Dan Leuck, CEO of Ikayzo, told Pacific Business News that paperless projects are especially crucial when considering particularly paper-intensive process.

"A lot of paperwork is legal, from signing a contract to become a supplier to providing services – doing that digitally is something that technology can do today, and it is a secure, well-vetted, mature technology," Leuck said, according to the news provider.

By utilizing best-of-breed conversion services, any firm can reach their paperless goals for a range of advantages that ultimately boost the bottom line and additionally, sustain long-term growth.

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