From courthouses to hospitals, paperless systems take over

August 13th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

Because they offer firms the ability to streamline data management, ensure business compliance and reduce the risk of losses in the event of a natural disaster, paperless systems are becoming increasingly common in a variety of different fields. In order to improve enterprise content management, professionals who handle everything from court records to healthcare data are using document conversion services to digitize records and increase efficiency. 

According to the ABA Journal, completely paperless courtrooms could be the future of the American legal system. Lawyers and judges are searching for ways to increase their mobility, and opting for paperless records helps them stay connected regardless of where they're located. 

The source reported that law practitioners are increasingly looking to do more with less, and electronic records are a significant contributing factor allowing them to do so. Courthouses are choosing online banking and bill payment tools, implementing paperless litigation and using video conferencing systems to host hearings and meetings. In addition, more court paperwork includes links to other cases and relevant documents, which means that hosting the files in an online form makes it easier to access related information. 

Court officials aren't the only ones taking advantage of paperless document management systems – Outpatient Surgery Magazine noted that more hospitals are taking advantage of digital strategies as well. The news source pointed out that making the switch to an electronic platform can be challenging, as it necessitates a great deal of planning and requires professionals to learn new processes and language. However, once the systems are in place, hospital professionals have more time and resources to spend with patients rather than completing and filing paperwork. Using digital document management helps hospitals provide the best possible care to patients while eliminating the challenges associated with paper-based billing and performance tracking. 

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