Hurricane preparedness means knowing where the data is

October 26th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

Document management isn't always a vital part of disaster preparedness, but for some businesses it can help truly prepare them for the worst. As Hurricane Sandy approaches the East Coast, it is a good time for businesses across the country to consider if they are ready for a similar crisis.

Through careful preparation, any business can be ready for a natural disaster. However, during the aftermath, it is the organization and availability of data that will control how quickly the company can shrug off the effects and get back to work. This is where document management can help. With the right strategy, a business will have streamlined its workflow to include the automatic organization of data. This helps the business when trying to restore its systems by reducing the time it takes to bring data back to its proper locations and getting essential systems up and running before non-essential ones.

While document management isn't a solution to disaster preparedness by itself, it can help improve other efforts immensely and eliminate some challenges to the recovery process that not only slow down return to operations, but can also be very costly. By utilizing the information management system already in place, the business is saving on its disaster budget and better preparing for any eventuality.

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