Implement document management for cheaper operations

October 25th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management | Workflow

Many businesses feel that storage, data retrieval and overall information management fees are having a detrimental effect on operations. With 40 percent worried over their storage and retrieval fees and about 24 percent concerned about archive-related costs, according to Small Business Trends, it seems that more businesses need an efficient way to implement document management to take their offices digital.

Investing in document management solutions helps a business reduce the costs of antiquated records storage, archiving, management and shredding, and migrate everything to a system that promotes efficiency, productivity and profit. According to the news source, 52 percent of organizations that move from traditional storage methods to a digital information management system have cut their expenses by a noticeable amount.

Document management comes with the advantage of streamlining workflow to the point where employees won't have to spend more than a few moments searching for a relevant file. Rather than interrupting the entire process to get up, walk over to a filing cabinet or box, sort through for the right piece of paper and go back to their desk or conference room, they can simply enter the name into a search field and pull the file off of the company server. This saves time, effort and money, and allows multiple employees to use the same file, rather than requiring copies.

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