Integrated Dealer Systems announces a paperless “Dealership of 2020”

May 27th, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture | Document Management | Workflow

Integrated Dealer Systems has announced a plan to begin striving toward its vision of the "Dealership of 2020." According to the recreational vehicle and marine dealership management software provider, IDS will strive to help its dealer base create a paperless office

Mother Nature Network says the biggest benefit of a paperless office isn't the trees to be saved, but the boon of more efficient data recall, attainable through powerful document management software. According to IDS, a paperless office will consist of cloud based content management services and improved mobile capabilities. This will eliminate any need for manufacturer invoices, check-in sheets, deal jackets, trade-in sheets and customer signatures.

As the workplace makes paper a thing of the past space around the office will open up and the search for specific files be made exponentially more productive and nimble. The plan IDS has devised in order to create a paperless office by 2020 consists of switching over to a digital document storage solutions, removing the need for paper submissions and records in dealings with manufacturers, using texts and emails to stay in contact with customers and electronic signature capture software. Employees will be able to access documents through a mobile app at anytime, turning their device into a powerful filing system with precise and quick search capabilities. 

"Implementing a paperless office is one of several initiatives that enables IDS to drastically improve efficiency, serve the future needs of our customers and also help the environment," said Mario Britz, IDS's Director of Product Management. "It is an essential part of our vision for the Dealership of 2020."

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