Medical Claims Processing: from Paper to a Competitive Advantage

March 23rd, 2016 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Claims Processing | Document Scanning

Are you in the business of providing top-notch service to your members, or scanning paper claims and manually entering data?

Image One is one of the nation’s leading provider of scanning and processing paper medical claims and correspondence, from the mailroom to 837 export.

We offer two choices for health plans wanting a faster, more accurate and more cost-effective way to process 200 to 20,000 claims per day:

  • Automation technology (you do it): to enhance or replace legacy in-house systems
  • Scanning & outsourcing services (we do it)

Automation Technology

Take advantage of the latest technology

  • Capture of scanned paper forms, email and fax
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) with 98%+ claim-level accuracy
  • Exception handling and quality control (QC) workflows
  • Export of 837 files
  • Upload to document management software and cloud
  • Concierge level of service

We are a leading integrator of Captiva OCR and document capture software.

Domestic Outsourcing

Let us do the dirty work so you get increased throughput for a fraction of the cost

  • Mailroom scanning of all CMS-1500, UB-92 and UB-04 forms, EOBs and correspondence
  • OCR with 98%+ claim-level accuracy
  • Exception handling and QC data entry service
  • Secure US facility (in Tampa, FL)
  • HIPAA compliance
  • 24-hour turnaround

Scanning claims, invoices, employee files, medical records, and anything else on paper, microfilm or microfiche has been our core business for over 20 years.

A Competitive Advantage

What happens when your paper claims process is a smooth running machine? Faster processing, productivity gains and reduced errors. Providers can get paid a little faster and your members will get answers right when they call in. When claims are taken care of quickly and accurately, members and providers are happier and a competitive advantage in member satisfaction can be achieved.

How much will you benefit from enhanced claims processing technology or outsourcing services? Request a medical claims processing assessment today and find out.

Contact us to learn more about our medical claims processing technology and outsourcing service

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