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March 7th, 2017 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture | Document Management | Document Scanning | Information Management

At Image One, we know all about how stressful an office move is. Inventorying the furniture, equipment, supplies, and other assets. The endless labeling of boxes. Making sure electronics and other fragile items are well-prepared for transport. Keeping your employees informed of the whens and wheres of the relocation. So on, and so forth…

And then to add to your worries, there’s all the information trapped in paperwork. Reams of paper documentation located in filing cabinets and bankers boxes that must be retained, kept safe and confidential.

The Good News: your move will be much easier if these documents are scanned – and not all documents even need to be scanned.

How We Help

Image One is Florida’s document scanning expert. We’ve worked with organizations in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, and throughout Florida for over two decades to determine what needs to be scanned, prepping and scanning their files, and ensuring scanned documents are quickly accessible and legible when needed after scanning.

Since 1994, we’ve streamlined our processes to ensure that clients like you receive comprehensive service that starts before the first box is packed and continues after you’ve moved and settled into your new offices.

The Planning

It all begins after you contact one of our representatives, who will help you determine what really needs to be scanned (documents surpassing their retention schedule can be destroyed) and what scope of our service best fits your company’s needs.

At Image One, we don’t believe that one size fits all. Within 24 hours, we will provide you with a quote that will allow you to budget your document scanning and any document destruction or long-term storage needs.

The Scanning

Here’s a quick overview of scanning process:

  • It all starts when we pick up your documents, including preparation of a manifest to record all files to scanned
  • The documents are transported to our secure facility and unpack them, removing all staples, clips, and bindings
  • Your documents will be scanned at 300 DPI in black and white to PDF or TIFF; our software is capable of reading barcodes and optical character recognition (OCR) to automate capture and indexing, and will store images in batches until they can be processed further
  • At your request, your paper files will either be returned to your new office location, stored, or thoroughly destroyed

Learn more about our document scanning process and best practices here

Why Bother?

  • Ask anyone who’s made a move – personal or professional: stuff gets lost and so, by trusting us to scan your documents prior to your move, you’re making your data electronic – and keeping it safe
  • Often, your data is sensitive, containing private company and customer information: if you lose that, your professional reputation takes a hit and you could become a target of litigation
  • Misplaced files can mean hours of thumbing through paper documents: when you go electronic, they’re at your fingertips so there’s no more hours in the file room, and no more halted conversations with your clients while you look up the information they need
  • Paper files are heavy: cubic foot of books weighs approximately 22 lbs. so, when you go electronic, your data becomes lighter than air (and your move cheaper, especially when you throw out those filing cabinets)

Get a Quote Today

Give us a call at (800) 956-9000 to request a document scanning consultation and quote and discover how we can take some of the stress out of your impending move.

Contact us to learn about document scanning for companies moving locations

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