Online storage ballooning rapidly

July 16th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

There is no question that the amount of data heading to the cloud is rising at incredibly rapid rates. Companies are increasingly competing with each other to offer the most amount of storage for the lowest cost – and it is getting increasingly cutthroat. Amazon, Google, DropBox and many others have all been upping the amount of data they provide to respond to each other's technological advances.

The market is good for consumers and businesses looking to transition away from a centralized storage environment. Digital information in general has been on the rise since the invention of the computer, and its enormous growth shows no signs of slowing. The trend can be summed up by a quote by the former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, who claimed more data is created in two days today than has previously been accumulated from the dawn of man to 2003.

Businesses are increasingly turning toward a more automated system to handle their document management and get their information online. The good news is that once your information is digitized, storage should be easy to find.

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