Oregon school employ paperless efforts

December 24th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

The school board in Ontario, Ore., recently undertook steps to further deployment of paperless meetings. These efforts, focused on reducing operating costs and enhancing efficiency, will also help make meeting minutes and decisions more accessible to parents and teachers.

"I have paper everywhere, and this will really help me organize it," said board vice chairman Mike Blackaby, according to the Argus Observer. "I really think it's a good idea and I think it would help everyone, whether you're a board member or administration or the public."

The board, which plans to invest in five tablets to provide board members with a way to quickly and efficiently access meeting packets and notes, is looking to focus on the benefits going paperless will provide to the school as a whole. The key advantage is the visibility of board documents.

By taking its meetings digital, the Ontario School Board is not only streamlining its own operations but the accessibility of data to the public. Parents of students will be able to catch up on key events that affect the learning of their children, while other community members will be able to review data that could impact their taxes or other aspects of live in the area.

Any school can adopt paperless solutions, but in order to truly streamline these efforts, the appropriate document management software has to be used to provide the visibility and other benefits that drive their value. Utilizing the right document storage solutions will also be critical, and establish a firm foundation to launch web portals and other accessibility efforts from.

Going paperless isn't a simple matter of investing in tablets and a scanner, but utilizing the right paper conversion services can simplify the process and establish guidelines to ease any organization into the new way of operating.

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