Organizations deploy EDM technology for sustainability

April 23rd, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture | Document Management | Information Management

More organizations are looking to reduce paper resource dependency not only to cut costs but to minimize negative environmental impact as well. As a result, electronic document management has become an increasingly popular solution to aid in supporting sustainability and all green initiatives.

The Daily Monitor reported that while traditionally, the documentation process was heavily paper-based, new digital technologies have enabled a virtually paperless environment. Still, many organizations fail to realize the disadvantages to using physical records. The source pointed out that paper files can be easily lost, damaged or destroyed by natural disasters. Additionally, these methods of document management pose significant security concerns in environments where documents are easily accessed. Many businesses struggle to find enough storage space, and end up having to spend more on real estate just for filing cabinets. Additionally, The Daily Monitor noted that retrieving information can also be a burdensome task, resulting in wasted hours searching, copying and re-filing. However, the news source stressed that new document imaging tools can resolve these inefficiencies. Not only are these practices more environmentally-friendly, but they make documents more valuable by enhancing accessibility.

Another important reason for adopting a paperless system is the impact it can have on staffing. While the traditional office demanded hiring specific employees solely for the purpose of retrieving and filing documents, an electronic system reduces the number of workers needed for these administrative tasks. 

Simplified and secure access
Additionally, information security is a critical consideration as regulations for data protection become increasingly strict. The Daily Monitor noted that with a paper-based management system, faxes pose a huge risk to security because anyone walking by can view information they may not be authorized to view. Electronic systems offer features that control access to data, such as password protection.

The Times Tribune reported that in an effort to be more environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient, Kentucky's Laurel County school board has gone paperless. According to the source, Lauren County is the 66th district in the state to deploy a digital solution so that board members can review agendas, minutes and other documentation on iPads. The transition will aid the board in saving on time as well as paper, because packets no longer have to be printed and members can log in to the electronic system and access any files they need.

"Going paperless will streamline and improve our effectiveness and communication," Superintendent Doug Bennett said, the source reported.

Enterprises in all industries can realize the same benefits by adopting electronic document management software, which enables resources and work time to be used more effectively.

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