Since 1994, we’ve scanned millions of documents for business, healthcare, the hospitality industry, government agencies, and many other organizations in Orlando and throughout Central Florida from our Orlando service bureau. Here are a few recent success stories.

Entertainment Company

For the past 15 years, we’ve worked with one of the world’s most prominent entertainment companies in Orlando to manage their 15,000 daily inbound travel and expense reports with receipts as well as vendor invoices. The T&E reports come in from their subsidiaries all over the world via email, paper mail and fax and include both a form and receipts. Our client relies on our proven T&E processing capabilities so they can focus their resources on entertaining and not processing paperwork. Read the whole success story here…

Orland Utilities Commission (OUC)

We’ve done many document scanning projects through the years for this major utility from accounts payable to human resources to purchasing. We’ve scanned personnel files, hundreds of boxes of invoices and financial records and at least 225 boxes and 400,000 pages of just contracts.

Orlando Sentinel

For Central Florida’s oldest and most prestigious newspaper, we’ve scanned mostly personnel files 50-60 boxes at a time and uploaded them into their document management software.

If you’re located in Orlando, Tampa or anywhere else in Florida, contact us for a document scanning quote today

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