Paper Claims Scanning: Outsource & Relax

February 5th, 2016 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Scanning

You Serve Policy Holders. We Scan Paper Claims. It’s Perfect.

Scanning paper claims, invoices and other documents is a difficult business and we love it. And, after 20+ years, we’re very good at it.

We serve health insurance providers around the country as well as organizations in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, and throughout Florida.


Scanning is incredibly labor-intensive. 80% of the time needed to scan documents is actually needed for document prep:

  • Opening envelopes
  • Removing staples, paper clips and other bindings
  • Batching and barcoding for automated indexing
  • Scanning

Then scanning correspondence, x-rays and other accompanying documents, etc. can take place.

Scanning also requires a capital investment in production-grade document scanners and document scanning software with optical character recognition (OCR) capability. Then you need data entry professionals to enter what OCR couldn’t recognize and to correct exceptions. Then there’s quality control (QC) to ensure OCR and data entry accuracy and that all documents were scanned. How are you with all this?


Many outsourcing providers send your claims off-shore to India, China, The Philippines, or elsewhere for some combination of scanning and indexing. How do you feel about your members’ sensitive healthcare information overseas?


Organizations have put up with offshore security risks because of price. But what if you could get near off-shore pricing with on-shore QC, security and accountability all from a company that has done the work many times before with organizations just like yours?

The Next Step

Let us scan your paper claims so that you don’t have the headache of labor nor the capital expense of document scanners and OCR software. If this appeals to you, the next step is to have us conduct a paper claims scanning evaluation that will identify the QC improvements and cost savings you can expect if you work with us.

2016: the year of outsourcing paper claims.

Request your paper claims scanning evaluation today

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