Paper costs drive new technology investments

October 24th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management | Workflow

While spending more money often seems counterproductive for reducing spending, sometimes it is the best strategy. By investing in iPads, document management solutions and other related tools, more businesses are reducing their paper budgets and seeing many other benefits as well.

According to Wauwatosa Now, the Wisconsin city is looking to tablets and digital information management to eliminate paper trails and reduce its costs in this area. The city currently uses almost 4,000 pages of paper per meeting, in addition to the ink, time and other resources needed to print all of the material. The city anticipates not only the reduction of these costs, but time saved for staff and and clerks who create all of the documents and agendas for their offices.

"We should be getting away from having to create the paper packets each week, and we'll be able to do it more electronically and saving some staff time," Carla Ledesma, a city clerk, told the news source.

By implementing document management, any city government body can reduce its expenditures on paper, increase productivity and add fuel to the already growing efforts to help the environment by eliminating waste in the office setting.

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