Paperless boarding makes travel easier

July 18th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

Businesses, government systems and healthcare professionals are increasingly adopting paperless systems to keep their offices organized and protect their information. But digital imaging is streamlining operations in one new area: travel. 

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram recently reported that the Dallas, Denton and Fort Worth transit authorities plan to allow train and bus passengers to travel without a paper ticket. Travelers in those areas will have the option to buy tickets right from their smartphone or tablet. A physical copy of the ticket will no longer be required, which makes document management simpler – passengers no longer need to worry about losing their ticket. Marketers involved with the new program told the Star-Telegram that the response to the new system has been positive so far.

Airline travel is also becoming streamlined with the adoption of paperless boarding systems. According to New York's The Journal News, the TSA will soon accept electronic boarding passes at Westchester Airport.

"We think that passengers will find this to be an added convenience… because it means that they won't have to download and print out a boarding pass," Romero Iral, TSA assistant federal security director at the airport, told the source.

Mobile tickets are just another way in which document imaging is making life easier for people around the world.

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