Paperless is good for accountancy firm

March 26th, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

A leading accountancy firm in the U.K. has adopted a paperless strategy to reduce its carbon footprint and make a change in the world. According to Now Bath, the firm deployed a document management system, as well as scanning hardware and other relevant services, to optimize its transition to digital.

"We recognized that freeing ourselves from paper files would enable us to work more flexibly and efficiently thereby providing a better service to our clients," Simon Rowe, a partner at the firm, told the news source. "The rate of change in the market place is a major consideration. We need a system we can be confident in and that will evolve over time. … By its very nature, the accountancy profession has always relied heavily on using pieces of paper. However, it has also modernized in the sense that much of the work we now do can be done using a computer."

By optimizing workflow around paperless strategies, any company can focus on reducing its reliance on paper. This will have a significant impact on operations, as well as a firm's budget, inducing a more economic way of doing business.

The benefits of going paperless can only be achieved if a company embraces the necessary supporting services. Document conversion service can save firms time and money, while ensuring complete compliance needs are met in the transition away from paper.

Beyond budget and environmental savings, going paperless can boost a business's productivity as well, improving the flow of information between employees and boosting the efficiency of data analytics and storage processes. In turn, this will drive even more ROI for companies looking to leverage these efforts toward increased revenue.

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