School gets significant donation for mobile devices

December 24th, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management | Workflow

Students at one South Carolina elementary school will soon start using tablets in class thanks to a significant donation from a church. 

Earlier in the month Pine Grove Elementary School got a huge donation from the Right Direction Church International in order to fund the purchase a number of mobile devices for students at the school, according to A gift to the tune of $6,000 will help the school in its implementation of a lab in which students can utilize their tablets.

"I believe that everything will begin to be paperless and so therefore we need to ensure our children are equipped to deal with the new things technology will bring," Inger Ferguson, principal of the school, told the publication. 

The church has supported the school for some time, and has announced that if the school can match its donation it will put even more cash toward the purchase of tablets, explained. Students have been enjoying the speed of the mobile devices, and how well they work. 

So, why did Pine Grove Elementary School decide to go with tablets?
Switching from paper to paperless has a number of significant benefits, including the speed that the students at Pine Grove have come to enjoy. For one, speed is definitely a huge advantage for schools that go paperless. Students can get their work done much faster. 

Additionally, though the tablets will be fairly expensive in the short term, often going paperless involves some sort of return on investment, the Association for Information and Image Management explained. The cost of storage drops significantly when schools go paperless, as well as what they pay for other things such as printing and photocopying. With everything moving faster and costing less, going paperless is an easy choice for many to make. 

"The one thing I like about using technology to learn is that you don't have to wait for everyone else to catch up. You can just go on to the next thing once you already have mastered it and you can go back if you need to learn it again," Bronze Jones, the student leader president, told 

The school will attempt to raise money through an upcoming Parent Teacher Association gala in order to meet its $20,00 goal for the tablets. 

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