Seniors hold onto memories with new technology

January 10th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

When new technologies emerge, some individuals are slow to adopt them. Often, embracing new tools can call for hardware and software replacement or updates, which can be very costly, with no guarantee of future use.

That said, many industry veterans see some solutions as immediately providing a return on investment. For example, electronic document management systems are being widely adopted by organizations of many kinds, from archive institutions to business offices. This strategy allows administrators to take a photo of records and transfer the information to an online database, providing a backup and ensuring proper preservation of files.

According to the Langley Advance, the Langley Arts Council recently began the Making Old Memories New Again project, which helps seniors ensure their precious documents, videos and pictures are protected by using conversion services.

Seniors simply have to drop off a maximum of 30 old documents at collection areas, and council workers will do the conversion. For instance, the news outlet noted that where videos are concerned, VHS tapes will be transferred to DVD, giving a concrete example that original records and mediums break down eventually, and should be placed with new technologies if possible.

Offices can benefit from doing this to records, images, legal documents and other files, without which continuity would be difficult.

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