The application process at Georgetown is now paperless

May 27th, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Business Process Automation | Document Management | Workflow

The wait time to be one of  the approximately 17 percent of applicants CollegeData says Georgetown University accepts may drop in the future as the school has recently adopted an online-based application process in an effort to eliminate the manual paper application process of the past. University-branded content management services have helped the school completely streamline the often tedious and sluggish application process.

According to Campus Technology, the integration of CollegeNet's Intelligent Connections into the admissions process was business process automation solution that has helped sort through the over 6,800 early applications submitted in the fall of 2013. The higher education news service reports that the software allows the university to customize applicant branding and search out specific information attached to each of the thousands of applications. This allows the school to find applicants which best fit its identity reported Business Wire.

Students are now able to request documents through Georgetown instead of third-party vendors, and Georgetown can save hundreds of hours sorting through applications, CollegeNet said, which has made people on both sides of the application process happy. Not only is time saved through the use of document management software, the money not spent on paper related costs is significant. states that the cost of using paper in an office can cost 13 to 31 times more than the cost of buying it, in addition to the fact that the average worker uses up to 10,000 sheets of paper annually. 

Charles Deacon, Dean of Admissions at Georgetown University, said, "It has vastly improved efficiency while allowing us control over the format and content of our application. We believe the information we are able to gather allows us to retain the holistic review of the individual applicant, consistent with our former manual system, and helps us identify the candidates who are a best-fit for Georgetown," said Charles Deacon, Georgetown's dean of admissions. 

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