Top 3 reasons to embrace a paperless office

January 24th, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management | Workflow

With so many benefits to going paperless in the office environment its a wonder more businesses aren't embracing these efforts. While there are many excuses to not doing so – such as it being too expensive, time consuming or challenging – the simple truth is that most firms don't know how to approach the process. This is why investing in paper conversion services can be so beneficial to businesses.

You don't have to go all in
One thing that firms need to remember is that "going paperless" doesn't have to mean the complete obliteration of paper products from their building. There is no magical ban on paper being used – simply a migration away from its use for efficiency and cost benefits. Sometimes paper is still a necessity, particularly when dealing with clients or suppliers that cannot comply with the office's initiative. This doesn't negate the benefits of going paperless, it simply presents a minor challenge that can be overcome with ease with the right conversion service or scanning hardware.

But you can
Of course, when the stars align and everything works out perfectly, sometimes it is possible for a business to completely eliminate paperwork. This doesn't mean that employees might bring in their own sticky notes or memo pads, but cutting printers, copiers and other related supplies can all be cut from a company's budget. This, of course, will drive the savings touted by paperless advocates, but what about the productivity improvements?

Harness technology better
The key to enhancing office operations in terms of efficiency and productivity by going paperless is ensuring that employees know the technology that is available to them that supports these efforts. This will drive improved tech training and a broader understanding of the uses of related tools, such as unified communications and collaboration solutions, that a firm may have invested in but hasn't gotten to its full potential yet.

Of course, with so many other reasons to go paperless these advantage are just the tip of the iceberg. Businesses can use other reasons to drive their investment, but the simply truth of the matter is that any company can benefit from hiring document conversion services to assist its move to a fully-digital enterprise. The opportunities, and payouts, are nearly endless.

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