Travel & Expense Report Processing: Success Story

May 16th, 2016 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture | Document Scanning | Information Management

For the past 15 years, we’ve worked with one of the world’s most prominent entertainment companies to manage their 15,000 daily inbound travel and expense reports with accompanying receipts as well as vendor invoices. The T&E reports come in from their subsidiaries all over the world via email, paper mail and fax and include both a form and receipts. Our client relies on our proven T&E processing capabilities so they can focus their resources on entertaining and not processing paperwork.

Email Processing

All electronic T&E submissions come into an address on our Microsoft Exchange server. The sender receives an auto-response to confirm receipt. We have several emails depending on the division and department from which they’re submitted. Our T&E email program monitors the mailbox, separates the attachments and removes signature files, superfluous and other content that isn’t needed for processing. One of our QC team members then performs quality control on every email submission for accuracy and indexes them (includes department code, amount, demographic info). We then FTP all submissions to a folder on our client’s server along with a reconciliation file, which our clients sweep for further processing and ingestion into their accounts payable system.

PO Box Scanning

All paper T&E forms, receipts and invoices are picked up daily from a PO box, scanned, batched and coded, then uploaded into a directory – a process that is very similar to what we described in the section above except that we hold the paper for a period of time, then have it shredded after which we provide our client with a certificate of destruction. All paper expense report processing is completed by 2pm EDT/EST on the day they are picked up, if not before.

Fax Processing

Our fax server receives fax submissions, emails the submissions to our email system and they are processed just as emailed T&E submissions are.

Next Steps

We are exploring the implementation of a T&E web app to at least replace all paper and fax submissions and to reduce some of the email. This would streamline the QC process and reduce the workload for breaking down documents and give our client greater research capability. Inclusion of a search tool would also streamline retrieval and internal processing and it would work similar to our RocketScan free and reduced meal web application used by K-12 school districts across the country.

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