US military examines paperless options on naval craft

November 30th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

The U.S military has begun to look into more uses for document management and paperless initiatives, implementing the first paperless system on an aircraft carrier. The USS Theodore Roosevelt started using the R-Rider paperless system for all kinds of paperwork on December 1, maintaining paper trails initially until the system is proved successful. According to MarineLink, the system will replace paperwork for evaluations, leave, housing and other special requests.

With a paperless system, commanders can review daily paperwork in half the time, allowing them to focus on more critical tasks. It also allows sailors and other ship workers to view the status of their requests more efficiently.

Paperless solutions can help the military perform administrative tasks more efficiently, which could result in reduced overhead and allow more focus to be placed on essential tasks, from training to overall readiness. This can also improve the flow of information significantly during times of war in the long run, allowing commanders and soldiers to communicate more effectively and quickly, rather than waiting for paperwork.

Many of these same benefits apply to the business world as well. Improving efficiency is always a No. 1 priority for a business, and reducing costs is often high on the list as well. By introducing information management and paperless solutions to the workplace, businesses, the military and other organizations can stop focusing on sending and receiving information, and start putting it to use faster. Paperless initiatives don't solve communication or flow of information problems, but they can streamline that flow so problems can be addressed with more speed and efficiency.

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