Vicksburg seeks to become paperless and accessible

June 3rd, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Business Process Automation | Document and Information Capture | Document Management

Soon all city departments in Vicksburg, Mississippi will be paperless. By June 10, according to the Vicksburg Post, agenda meetings will make use of documents stored on tablets instead of the stacks of paper that can waste funds and slow operations. 

"Everything is right there with the touch of a computer," Alderman Willis Thompson told the newspaper. "You're involved; you're in the loop. It saves time and it saves money. We're more transparent, because now we can publish the board minutes and the agendas online on our website in a matter of a couple of days versus a few weeks. We're just trying to improve efficiency."

The board's actions will instantly be posted to the city website, and those attending the meetings will be able to follow the agenda via a live-updated widescreen television. Additionally, document storage solutions will allow for the board's minutes to be archived and easily accessed by those who wish to learn more about the day's discussions. Currently, this requires a Freedom of Information Act request. 

According to, if paper is replaced with document management software, business costs will be reduced, office space will open up, documents will be secure and staff will be more efficient. This, in conjunction with increased transparency, has fueled the board's move toward paperless operations. 

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