When You Know It’s Time to Scan Your Documents

July 24th, 2016 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Business | Business Process Automation | Document and Information Capture | Document Management | Document Scanning | Information Management | Workflow

We know the story: if scanning all of your legacy paper documents and records was easy, it would already be done. Even though document scanning has never been more cost-effective, it still needs to be cost-justified that will stand up to a heavy dose of scrutiny. One thing that can help is to identify problems that scanning documents will eliminate.

Paper Problems…

Does your organization have any of the following problems?

  • There are paper files everywhere that require a lot of labor and cost to maintain not to mention the wasted space that could be better used for employee workspace.
  • Access to information in paper based case files is inefficient especially when you are not in the office or at another location. Not having critical information at your fingertips can result in slower responses to customer inquiries.
  • You have no disaster recovery plan available for critical paper based files that would allow information to be restored if a flood, fire or some other disaster occurred. Using a paper based system, if the paper is ever lost or destroyed, the information is most likely also lost forever. If you are located close to the ocean, this is an even bigger concern particularly during hurricane season.
  • Files that were previously scanned are placed back in file cabinets and they were not marked as scanned making it difficult to know what has or has not been scanned. In addition files stored in your existing content or document management software have been lost due to faulty backups.

… And How to Solve Them

If so, Image One has successfully completed thousands of document scanning projects throughout Florida from our service bureaus in Tampa and Orlando. We also scan onsite at your location if your documents can’t leave the premises. To justify the cost of the project, we can conduct a document scanning assessment first to identify how much will be saved and work with you to get it approved by your CFO and/or executive management team. Further cost justification may also come from streamlining the workflow processes involved with incoming paper documents.

Contact us today for a document scanning assessment and quote

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