4 specific tips for going paperless

December 3rd, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture

Initializing a paperless initiative is more than investing in paper conversion services and document management software. Businesses have to take specific steps to prepare themselves for a paperless future, and ensure that their employees, partners, vendors and suppliers are all aware of the change. Additionally, firms need to be ready for hiccups and challenges along the way that could upset operations if the right document capture solutions and training isn't in place.

Stop using paper
While it may seem obvious the first step to going paperless is stop creating more paper. Many firms will still have to rely on paper records and invoicing, but if a business gets rid of its own printers, pushes employees to use digital resources and eliminates paper creation within its own doors, it will cut down on the related expenses significantly and start prepping workers for the eventual shift to more efficient means of transferring information.

Create a backup plan
Every strategy is only as strong as its weakest link, and for many firms this will be the lack of a backup plan. If deadlines for eliminating paper usage aren't met, it can be discouraging and even breakdown the entire system. Companies need to establish backup plans in order to ensure they maintain some sort of progress, even if conversion services slow down or they encounter surprise problems with compliance or scanning hardware.

Turn to the past
Past records are often the biggest milestone for any enterprise to overcome when going paperless. Years worth of reports, invoices, billing statements, employee files and other paperwork can seem daunting. This is why many firms turn to document imaging services to handle the scanning, organizing and archiving of their records for them. By enlisting the help of highly trained experts, companies can expedite their efforts to go paperless and begin reaping the rewards sooner, from reduced operational costs to enhanced employee productivity.

Understand paper's place
The reality of 100 percent paperless may not be an actuality for every business. Some may have suppliers that simply cannot facilitate the change, while others may be forced to still incorporate paperwork in their operations for specific clients. By implementing a system for scanning and the proper destruction of sensitive materials, a business can still maintain its paperless efforts while accommodating to the needs of its customers and partners.

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