OpenText and the Future of ApplicationXtender

Monday, August 3, 2020

OpenText ApplicationXtender 20.3

For companies in all industries, electronic content management (ECM) systems are essential to staying organized and being able to share data and projects with all those involved. Rather than keeping important documents in a filing cabinet not everyone will have access too, an ECM system will allow for an even stricter organizational structure, as well as the ability to allow access to the files that any given person needs. One of the most popular and effective ECM systems on the market is ApplicationXtender, or AX, developed by OpenText. AX has been a name in the industry for many years, but this year, OpenText is taking the platform to the next level with the release of version 20.3, an update that will offer greater integration capability and improved tools in all areas.

The Core of ApplicationXtender

The main purpose of AX is not only to house important electronic documents, but also to integrate them with other systems that you may have. Most commonly, workflows are used to automate business processes and AX uses them to connect itself to front-end software applications. A versatile software platform, AX has five core components to it, each with its own purpose. Respectively, they allow you to:

  1. Scan documents into the ECM system or automatically import them through e-mails and attachments
  2. Integrate with other software platforms, including prominent ones such as Windows Azure
  3. Search for and through full-texted or normal documents
  4. Generate reports on usage, statistics, and many other system functions
  5. Make documents secure with public access licenses

Version 20.3 and the Future of ApplicationXtender

Within the next few months, the newest and most dynamic version of AX will be released. Named after the year and quarter of its release, version 20.3 will have even further and easier integrations with cloud software and contain Microsoft 365 connectivity, SAML 2 support, service-based tasks, and storage adapt frameworks. In addition, intelligent automation will be receiving a boost in the form of greater support for administrator APIs, role-based admin consoles, and AppWorks integration. All of these changes are welcome and will be available upon release, with even further updates to user productivity, containerized deployment, AWS certification, GCP certification, analytics integration with Magellan, and OpenText Core Share integration, all coming towards the end of 2020.

About Image One Corporation

Image One is based in Tampa, FL and has successfully implemented hundreds of ApplicationExtender systems throughout the United States. We at Image One Corporation are a proud partner of OpenText and one of the largest resellers of the AX product in the United States. We also offer other software and services for setting up business automation workflows, scanning, and content storage that are sure to help any business go paperless and access data more smoothly than ever. To learn more, please call us at (800) 956-9000 or visit our support services page here.