Airports, hospitals embracing business process automation through paperless efforts

January 14th, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Business Process Automation | Workflow

The benefits of business process automation go further and achieve more in critical industries like health care and air travel because of the advantages they provide in allowing professionals in these areas to focus on more critical tasks. As such, increased investments in document management software and other initiatives to go paperless come as little surprise within these markets.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport recently invested in a new business process automation solutions to better leverage technology for reducing costs and the amount of paper it uses in daily operations. The reduction of paper-based systems will improve the flow of information for the airport, which will in turn boost the speed and efficiency of air traffic control and other critical areas of operation. Most importantly, the elimination of paperwork will cut the time it takes to transfer information from one end of the facility to the other – roughly 27 square miles in total.

At the same time, more hospitals are embracing paper conversion services and automation solutions to eliminate downtime during the day. This allows doctors and nurses to focus more on patients and cuts out considerable time waiting on test results and other potentially life-saving information. Beyond the federal mandate to deploy electronic health record solutions, hospitals can streamline operations significantly through taking back office systems digital and cutting paperwork from the equation. Everything from payroll to scheduling can be made paperless for ease of use and access, helping staff focus on more important matters.

In any industry the importance of improving productivity and assisting with the flexibility of workflow will present incredible benefits on a yearly and monthly basis. In critical industries that affect quality of life around the world, however, these improvements will have a demonstrable effect on day-to-day operations that can be unparalleled in the opportunities and growth they offer.

Organizations that invest in document conversion services, paperless solutions and automation can begin driving these advantages quickly, while boosting the integrity of work and compliance with national and local regulations for data security and privacy. Ultimately, the importance of these improvements will outweigh any initial cost incurred by deployment, and the ROI of going paperless – eliminating paper-related overhead like printer maintenance and supply costs – will surpass most group's expectations.

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