Business process automation key to agility and security

December 5th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Business Process Automation | Workflow

Automation is becoming a key consideration for many companies looking to optimize their workflow through both agility and improved security. According to ComputerWeekly, firms investing in business process automation are boosting their flexibility and agility in secure manners. However, the key to automation today is improved information and document management software, extending the path to success a bit further.

Companies today thrice on data, and optimizing resources in order to successfully implement process automation means improving the quality and availability of that data. As systems grow more robust, their security and overall IT needs also expand, forcing businesses to sink more resources into these areas. As such, security and agility are increasingly important in order to keep up with operational expectations and maintain a competitive edge.

"The reason why these business-driven changes take so long is that the network and security requirements for just a single application may need multiple policy enforcement points and firewall rules, which in turn may be linked to several other applications," Paul Clark, UK managing director of AlgoSec, a security policy management firm, told the news source.

AlgoSec recently performed a global survey, recording responses from over 240 IT and security specialists, which found that 45 percent of professionals handle more than 11 application change requests a week, while 21 percent reported more than 20 requests in the same time period. These need often incorporate data, and the implementation of high-quality content management service can enhance operations and free up IT teams to focus on process needs, instead of balanced an overwhelming workload.

The need for stronger data
"The problem is that the complexity in applications and networks cannot easily be taken out of the equation because of the connectedness of systems, and the resulting interdependencies," said Clark, referring to the prioritization of security over other IT needs.

By implementing the business process automation systems to handle various aspects of operations, as well as conversion services to ensure data is always up-to-date and easily accessible by these automated solutions, firms can optimize workflow and better support their teams needs, be they IT or customer service. Ultimately, this will result in optimized security and agility across every aspect of operations, and a stronger support system underlying the entire package.

The incorporation of document conversion services with automation simplifies the processes and helps businesses make sure they aren't missing vital pieces of data when crunch time comes.

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