Businesses are buried underneath paperwork

July 24th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Business Process Automation

The original solution to a messy desktop or filing cabinet was to promote better document management – organizing your files into clearly labeled divisions and using a system in which you put paperwork away in a timely fashion. The Orlando Sentinel writes that the average executive wastes as much as 6 weeks per year gathering documents and materials that have gone missing or were filed incorrectly.

Now, more businesses are seeing the value of digitizing their records. Not only does it promote better information management, but digitization reduces search time and the number of lost documents. Buy automation services and implement a system in which incoming paperwork is transferred to electronic data. Storage of receipts, invoices, contracts, tax forms and anything else that is required for a business' compliance can be digitized.

The EPA reports that the United States uses 71 million tons of a paper every year, which means, on average, that each American handled roughly 473 pounds in 2011, and the numbers keep growing. Physical document storage takes time, energy and space. As the associated cost per terabyte of digital space decreases, paperless offices offer businesses a way to save time and energy while reducing costs.

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