Conversion services allow remote access to documents

January 31st, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Workflow

Because of family obligations, personal appointments and a reluctance to take sick days, many employees work from their homes every so often. However, to make this possible, workers have to ensure that they can access process-crucial documents and programs from their personally{-}owned devices. Without the ability to communicate, they must be in the office or take a sick day, which can be very inconvenient.

With this in mind, many businesses are implementing conversion services to place records online. Administrators photograph or scan documents, upload them to databases and give the proper employees authorization privileges. This can help ensure productivity no matter where the workers are located.

Other entities are considering doing this to help students who need to reference documents remotely, or historians interested in reading old texts. 

For instance, the Ghana Ministry of Education recently decided to undertake a project that will digitize elementary and high school syllabi so they can be referenced by those not on school grounds without wasting paper, according to The Ghanaian Chronicle. The source said that this was prompted by another project to supply 372 schools around the country with laptops.

Corporations may also see the cost and environment-saving benefits of avoiding a reliance on paper documents by taking these steps. 

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