Energy companies changing the industry through digitization

December 1st, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Business Process Automation | Workflow

The energy industry is being changed through the introduction of paperless workflows. 

The entire energy sector is going through a transformational phase thanks in part to real-time intelligence, Breaking Energy explained. Making data more accessible has allowed energy providers such as propane, butane and home heating oil companies to streamline their business operations, ultimately saving time and money.

Utilities company drivers are able to confirm the consumer's receipt of fuel, take advantage of e-signatures and easily update their workflow without ever having to print a piece of paper with content management services that make everything they need accessible anywhere, anytime.

Storing documents digitally provides businesses with a number of advantages including accessibility, the Forum of Private Business explained. When a company has employees that work on numerous sites in varying locations, accessibility is vital to ensuring the workflow remains efficient. 

Ultimately, going digital will improve customer service, the forum noted. Information on customers is easy to access, and companies that remove paper from their workflow are able to respond to customer inquires faster than if they were to utilize manual processes.

With digitization, energy providers are able to do away with manually typing processes that can slow down operations as well as the saving of paper receipts, according to Breaking Energy. The news outlet called these practices "broken." 

Ultimately, real-time intelligence allows energy companies to streamline the delivery of fuel, more easily reward productive employees and adjust more quickly to circumstances beyond their control such as traffic, weather and vehicular issues, Breaking Energy noted. With the ability to track drivers in real-time, and update workflows easily, energy companies are rapidly transforming their industry. 

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